The Social Disruption

The Social Disruption is designed to adapt. To move with the ever-changing digital landscape. We have our ears to the ground across digital and marketing industries. We are the innovators, the early-adopters... we are not the early-majority.

Our ethos centres around tried and tested methods plus injections of new social platforms, disruptive techniques, tongue in cheek wit and, of course, measurable results. 

Whether you’ve started your social media journey or not, we have the expertise, experience and tools to guide you. We will push the boundaries to make an impact.

We are The Social Disruption.

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Joanna B


 I have over five years' experience within the creative, social and digital sphere. I've worked with numerous brands across multiple industries to plan, create, execute and analyse impact of social media campaigns. I've worked agency-side and in-house, on organic campaigns as well as paid socials.  

Within my time in the industry, social media has morphed into something quite unrecognisable. Bloggers and Influencers are vital to a successful campaign; Facebook is no longer top dog, Instagram is removing the like function and TikTok... well that wasn't even alive in 2014.

I take inspiration from disruptive digital agencies such as Mother, from innovative publications like The Drum and from advertising greats such as David Ogilvy.