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My name is Jojo. I'm a professional writer and content creator who has a passion for words, pictures, and colours. I spend my days making them all play together nicely - and I love it.

Are you looking for a digital native who understands social media, SEO, and analytics? But who can also 'do the creative'? Yeah, that's me. I always have my ear to the ground listening out for the newest techniques, what's hot in strategy, which channel is best for which demographic... and so on.

I like the term 'disruptive' it conjures up an image of forward-thinking creative individuals, innovators, early-adopters, and all-around social media nerds.

Disruptive marketing, disruptive companies and disruptive ideas those who are breaking the mould, stepping out of line, challenging the norm. Disruptive social media helps fuel the fires of brands online, from the Silicon roundabout start-ups with small budgets to the little-known artist who suddenly gets attention because they did something a little different on social media.

The Social Disruption is here to work with the brands who want to change the pace and those who want to stick two fingers up to 'the way it's always done'.



Hackney, East London

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